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December 7, 2015

“Amazing experience, unforgettable personalities! Can’t afford to miss! ”

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Molokini Crater from the Maui Magic

Molokini Crater from the Maui Magic

Unbelievable, positive, energetic, knowledgable Thursday crew made our morning on Maui Magic even more magical. The Captain and his two helpers, Ana and Katie made our incredible 5 hour tour so incredible. We were welcomed with yummy continental breakfast, bagels, cream cheese, fresh fruits, beverages, and bunch of smiles! I don’t want to make this review any longer than it already is, but just want to thank Maui Magic for incredible experience, delicious breakfast and lunch and amazing positive energy crew that kept us smiling and made our snorkeling experience incredible. I am highly recommending Maui Magic for all of those dolphin/turtle lovers outthere looking for impeccable Maui marine experience! Great job guys. It was a pleasure being on your boat!” ~ MikiVeliki

June 9, 2015

Beautiful Maui Sunrise at Ma’alaea Harbor!

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Our guests boarding both the Maui Magic Dolphin Discovery and the Four Winds II were treated to a fabulous sunrise; mahalo to Captain Jason for capturing this shot. As if this weren’t reason enough to get up early, throw in snorkeling at Molokini Crater and other parts of Maui and you’ve got a stellar morning!

Four Winds II Sunrise from Maalaea Harbor by Capt Jason




February 16, 2015

Kudos for the Maui Magic

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“First of all, let me thank you again for having me on board–your reservation agent Nida was extremely helpful and friendly when I asked for a fam trip, and that was very much appreciated. My guest and I had a wonderful time at sea on the Maui Magic. The day started rainy, windy, and chilly, but Captain Charlene and her crew were so warm and welcoming, no one really cared. The weather prevented us from going to Molokini, but instead we went to Coral Gardens and Olowalu–which are even better snorkelling spots in my opinion, and were sunny and shielded from the wind. The crew was very attentive and friendly, made sure we had all we needed at all times, and made the whole trip real fun and enjoyable.

The only area for improvement I could find would be the use of disposable utensils–reusables would be a nice touch. I’m on the board of the Surfrider Foundation and we generally encourage companies to find alternatives to one-use plastics.

Delphine Berbigier
Activities and Tours Maui”


January 9, 2015

“awesome review!” – High Praises for the Maui Magic

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” I had a great time and wanted the excellent service to be recognised. please let me know if you receive this email, and if there is anywhere else I can post this review to show my support. Special shout out to Jason for going the extra mile to accomodate for a friend and myself!

Totally amazing, 5 stars! The attention to detail, and personalised customer service provided by this crew is not to be topped. My friend and I went to Hawaii on a budget, and decided that we’d splurge on a snorkel tour. Maui Magic is the best price and wound up being the highlight of our trip. We saw plenty of beautiful aquatic life, were constantly being looked after to see if we wanted more food & drink (which were both well supplied, and delicious), and how we were enjoying the tour. The boat wasn’t over filled, which allowed for us to get to know the other guests on a friendly, personal level. The Crew was incredibly friendly, informative, and hilarious. We had the best time, and would recommend it to absolutely everyone travelling to Hawaii! ”

A big MAHALO to Kate M. !!!!

September 8, 2014

Praises for the Maui Magic

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We love our guests and love it even more when they share their experiences with us! Mahalo to the Fahey family for sharing some of the their time and thoughts with us!


“Dear Crew of Maui Magic,  Thank you for the best day of our vacation on August 20, 2014.  We felt safe and warmly cared for as we snorkeled, learned to Snuba with Brian, saw fish and turtles and even a jelly fish, and had the best cheeseburger with grilled pineapple I have every tasted.  Our vacation is done, but the memories you helped us create will last a lifetime.   Kathleen, Paul, Sarah, and Karen Fahey”

August 5, 2014

Happy Guest on the Maui Magic!

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“Just a note of thanks for setting us up on such a great excursion yesterday! The folks on the Maui Magic were so great – took great care of me on choppy waters (I was green about 70% of the time), and even took my very frightened son out on the snorkeling excursion (he’s a chip off my block!). They were wonderful and thanks for your great recommendations!  I highly recommend this cruise, even though a bit pricier, to families with small kids. They were so kind to my kids who were the smallest on the boat, and took extra special care of everyone. Katie, one of the crew members, knew everyone’s name within minutes, and addressed us all personally – it was really special and made it such a better experience.

So thanks for taking our needs into such consideration when making this recommendation!

On a separate note, not sure if you remember given how many people you help daily, but thank goodness we did not go on Monday! I heard there was a death on Molokini with another company – so scary!!!!!  It definitely made me even more nervous going into this excursion yesterday, but it was clear that the caliber of the Maui Magic and its crew knew better. I certainly hope that other company is held responsible!

Thanks again and Mahalo!”

August 3, 2014

We Love the Maui Magic!

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Good evening, I wanted to first of all thank you for such a fabulous tour today. My husband Kurt and myself, Sherrye, had such a great time.

Katie was so inviting and soothing to me who has a fear of water.

Jacob took me out in the water and guided me and was so incredibly gentle and kind. Not demeaning in any way and made sure I was at ease in the water.

I can’t speak highly enough of how fabulous the staff was! Thank you!

Here is the best picture I took today of a whale, I wanted to share it with you so maybe you could use it on your site.

Thank you!
Kurt and Sherrye Fisher

Magic Whale

June 23, 2014

Hawaiian Sea Turtles

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For those who may be wondering, sea turtles are reptiles. We see these curious creatures along our route on the Four Winds as well as on our daily Maui Magic “Beyond Molokini”. While we rarely have the opportunity to swim with these beauties on the Four Winds, we keep our groups small on our power catamaran so we are easily able to not only visit the world-famous Molokini Crater but hit a second stop with the goal of swimming and snorkeling with them in their natural habitats!


There are basically three native Hawaiian sea turtles. The “Honu”, or Green Sea Turtle, being the most common. There are rare sightings of Hawksbill and Leatherback found around the islands of Molokai and Hawaii, with the Leatherback being the rarest.

When you have the opportunity to snorkel with turtles, remember the following for the best experience:

o Never attempt to touch or grab onto a turtle. They are a protected species here in Hawaii and it is against the law to handle or harass them in any way.

o When snorkeling around turtles, never rapidly approach them (I know it is very exciting!). Relax, swim calmly and very slowly. They will be more encouraged to let you come in for a better look.

o Turtles seem to enjoy gazing at their reflections from the glass of a snorkel mask. Be sure to look at turtles with your mask facing them.

o Keep your hands to your side and do not make wide arm movements. Turtles are often scared when they see big leg or arm movements.

June 3, 2014

The Humuhumunukunukuapua’a of Hawai’i

When I first came to Maui, I never thought I’d get this one but soon found it to be quite easy when sounded out. Before we get into further discussion of this beauty, let’s learn how to pronounce the name properly … “who-moo-who-moo-noo-koo-noo-koo-ah-poo-ah-ah”.

The Humuhumunukunukuapua`a , also called also called the rectangular or Hawaiian triggerfish, was officially designated the state fish of Hawaii on trial basis in 1985 for a period of five years. The trial period and this status quietly ended in 1990. In 2006 it was realized that Hawaii was without a State Fish, and the Humuhumunukunukuapua`awas reinstated on a permanent basis.

The reef triggerfish is distributed throughout the Indo-Pacific region and is especially prominent in the coral reefs of the Hawaiian Islands.

Four Winds II Maui Molokini Crater and Coral Gardens Snorkel tours Humunukunukuapuaa

The Humuhumu (a common nickname, “who-moo-who-moo”) has teeth and top lip are blue and its teeth are set close together. A small second spine, which can be used to lock its main spine into an upright position, gives it the ability to wedge itself into small crevices making it extremely difficult for predators (humans included) to get to.

One of the many interesting aspects of the Humuhumu’s behavior is the ability to blow jets of water from its mouth. They can often be seen spitting sand from their mouths in order to sift through the material in search of edible detritus or organisms.

Reef triggers are fairly aggressive and will usually not tolerate other species in their general vicinity, thus the fish is often found solitary. In addition, when fleeing from predators, the triggerfish will sometimes make grunting noises, possibly a call to warn other nearby triggerfish of danger.

Should you be lucky enough to see these colorful beauties while snorkeling in Hawaii, observe but always give them their space.

May 19, 2014

Hawaii’s Trumpet Fish

Whether we realize it or not, the fishes in Hawaii (and elsewhere, world-wide) are quite remarkable. The Trumpet fish definitely not an exception …. It is actually quite an amazing species when you know the facts.

The Trumpet fish is known locally as thenunu” and can be spotted in caves, lying under ledges, and in both shallow and deep waters (up to about 100 meters or 328 feet). Sometimes it was bright yellow, other times it had a dark coloration. It is generally long and thin (much like the Needle fish or Cornet fish, both in the same family) but easily distinguished by the complex shape of its head.

Four Winds II Trumpet Fish

Four Winds II Trumpet Fish

They’ve adopted a few pretty ingenious hunting strategies to get what they want; their prey is usually reef fish or shrimp. They might hang motionless in the water, in sync with the wave action, and then lunge forward, inflating their trumpet-like mouth and vacuuming up their meal. It’s not surprising to see one sneak alongside a school of grazing Surgeon fishes to get within striking distance. Another tactic is to hover vertically against the backdrop of branching coral.

They can also change their coloration from grayish to yellow, or an orange-brown. The dorsal and anal fins are set back towards the tail, and small movements of these fins can propel it forward and back. Distinguishing features of the trumpet fish include a fan-shaped tail (called a “caudal”) fin and a chin (called a barbell).

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