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November 18, 2008


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Ono, commonly known as wahoo, is a close relative of the king mackerel. Unlike true mackerel, ono rarely school, but groups may be found around fish aggregation buoys. Surface catches indicate that ono associate with banks, pinnacles and flotsam. However, longline catches suggest that this species is also widely distributed in the open ocean.  Ono may grow to more than 100 pounds in round weight, but the usual size of the fish caught in Hawaii is 8 to 30 pounds in round weight. Ono is a Hawaiian word meaning “good to eat.” The ono was said by the ancient Hawaiians to be the parent of the opelu, a mackerel scad of great importance to the subsistence of the early Hawaiians.

November 11, 2008

Fishing on the Four Winds II

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On our journey out to Molokini this past Friday, the crew was setting the fishing lines as we usually do, and as usual people started asking what kind of fish we catch and how often.  “We normally catch Ono and Mahi Mahi, but don’t get your hopes up”, is my reply most of the time!  We’ve had some great spurts this year and have caught a lot of fish, but lately it’s been pretty slow on the fishing front!  In fact, I even told one group it’d pretty much be a miracle if we caught anything!  Sure enough not even 20 minutes later the port side line went zipping!  The crew joked around saying it was probably a towel or net we hooked…no one actually believed we had a fish until the beautiful Ono (Wahoo) got about 15ft. from the boat.  We scrambled around to get the gaff and fish bag and before you knew it, Mauricio had the 25 pounder up on the boat and in the bag!  It was so crazy and unexpected the crew was giddy with laughter!  Of course, the people I told about the miracle fish claimed their fame as the lucky group! 

November 4, 2008

A Suprise Visitor on the Magic

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Last Wednesday started off  to be a normal day on the Magic.  We cruised down the coast and saw some Bottle nose dolphins.  Then we stopped off at Turtle Town and swam with some Hawaiian Sea Turtles.  As our time passed at our first snorkel spot, the wind picked up and our likelihood of making Molokini got slimmer and slimmer.  We pulled out of Turtle Town and made the less then 10 min. treck to Molokini and pulled in to check it out.  Sure enough, the few boats that were left in the crater were rocking a rolling, and there was no one snorkeling around them.  Rather then beating everyone up in the water, Buzz decided to cruise across the bay to Coral Gardens and lucky for us he did! As soon as I tied up the boat, a Hawaiian Monk Seal surprised me and swam between the hulls of the boat.   He must have had a pretty good scratch going, because he kept rubbing his head on the side of the boat.  He hung out with the passengers for at least a half hour, even giving the non-swimming passengers a show.  The seal was at least 5 ft. long and was extremely friendly, however we told our snorkelers to keep a safe distance and not touch him because that could change in an instant!  Our visitor was a great suprise and made the day for our passengers!

November 3, 2008

A wonderful recommendation for the Four Winds II . . .

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“. . . I loved the trip on your beautiful catamaran.  We had a wonderful time and it will stay in our memories I think forever. . . . I have friends going to Hawaii and recommended your excursion.  It is still vivid in my mind! . . . I now feel sorry that I can’t go with them.”  Daniel,  Summerfield, FL

October 28, 2008

Memorable Day on the Magic

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Today was one of those days that I will never forget.  Don’t get me wrong, I meet a lot of great people in this job, but today was something special.  Mary is 82, and from the moment she walked on the Magic I knew she was a neat lady.  Her first words to me were, “young lady, I will not be getting in the water today”.  I smiled and replied, “we shall see my dear”!  As the morning progressed Iwas walking around meeting all of the passengers when Mary’s daughter pulled me aside.  She told me it would mean the world to her and her family if I could somehow get Mary into the water, even for just a second.  “She hates the water so much we can hardly get her to take a shower”, she joked!  After everyone got in the water at our first stop (Molokini), I sat next to Mary to chat.   She told me she couldn’t swim and had disliked the water from a very young age.  I gave my usual speech about how easy and safe snorkeling is, how you don’t have to be able to swim, and even if you go out there for 2 minutesand come back, at least you tried.  She kindly declined, but said that she appreciated the encouragement.  I didn’t want to force the issue so I let it go….for now!  At the second dive (Coral Gardens) I gave it one more try.  I walked up to her, gave her a big hug and said, “are you ready”?  She laughed and shook her head no.  It seemed I couldn’t talk her into it.  Not 5 minutes later there she was on the back deck in her bathing suit!  I got her set up in the mask and put her on the steps so that she could just peak into the water without actually going in.  Her family was so thrilled they could hardly contain themselves.  Two people were taking pictures, her daughter was crying, and half the boat was watching and cheering her on!  Then out of nowhere, she lunges forward into the water.  I guess she figured it was all or nothing.  I grabbed a boogy board for her to hold on to so that she could release the death grip on my fingers, and I took her for a little tour.  She kept giggling and talking through the snorkel, something about all the fish and how beautiful it all was.  Coral Gardens was the ideal place for Mary to snorkel.  It’s shallow, with tons of coral and sea life.   Even better, she doesn’t have to go away from the boat to see it, it’s everywhere!  After about 10 minutes she had had enough and went back on the boat.  She pulled me into her arms and said that this was one of the best things she had ever done in her life and she owed it all to me.  These precious moments are why I truly love my job.  Giving Mary and her family this experience is something that I will always remember!

October 24, 2008

Maui Magic Guests Let Us Know…….

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Just wanted to share that we had a GREAT time on  our july 30th trip……. thanks to the wonderfuld and personable hospitality of the crew it was truly a memorable and fun Maui snorkel trip.  Our family of 6 all had a blast. Great way to celebrate our daughter’s 25th birthday. 


Eustoms Family, Salem Oregon

October 21, 2008

Windy on the Four Winds

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Today started off a bit rocky with the wind blowing north and straight through Maalaea Harbor.  Nothing really new, as Maalaea is one of the windiest harbors in the world!  Captain Tom decided to ride it out and see if the wind would back down and sure enough, when we got out to Molokini Crater it was just fine.  The day went smoothly with our 75 passengers, a nice light load!  October is a great time for visiting Maui.  The weather is consistently nice and there are a lot less visitors, making lots of room both on the boat and in Molokini.  Today was a day for adult “non-swimmers”!  One of the great features of the Four Winds is that we can accommodate a large variety of people.  Our seaboards are an over sized boogie board with a glass bottom giving children and adults alike a chance to see the marine life and not have to put their head in the water.  Of the 5 seaboards we have on board, 4 were occupied by adult non-swimmers having the time of their life.  Most never expected to get in the ocean, much less experience something like that!  They also enjoyed the glass bottom viewing area, giving the people who absolutely don’t do water a chance to experience the underwater world.

October 20, 2008

Four Winds II Guests Let Us Know …..

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Following are excerpts from some of the many e-mails, letters and calls we get on a regular basis. . .

“I wanted to write and say what a wonderful time our family had on the Four Winds II.  Thank you for a true Aloha Boat and snorkeling experience, one that we will always remember.  The crew are true professionals, and we were so impressed by the hospitality.”   Saori   Orem, UT


“We had the best time with Four Winds II.  The service was outstanding, the food was great and the weather was gorgeous at Molokini.  The best money spent on our vacation.  Your crew treated us like family and my 2 year old was even able to “snorkel”.  Thank you so much!”  Laura  Silverton, OR

October 14, 2008

Aboard the Maui Magic

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We couldn’t have asked for better conditions on Wednesday as we ventured out on the Maui Magic.  The water was like glass as the power cat cruised across the pacific at about 18 knots.  Haleakala was clear at the summit as Captain Buzz explained that the crater goes up over 10,000 ft. and goes 5 miles below sea level! We came across some dolphins right outside of Makena then conditions were good enough that we made it all the way down to La Perouse Bay.  The passengers got to snap some picture’s in front of the last eruption of Haleakala Crater and then we cruised  back down to Turtle Arches for our first snorkel spot.  The visibility was in the 50 ft. range making it ideal for snorkeling along the shoreline.  Everyone got a chance to see the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles.  A few people even ran into some Spotted Eagle Rays which was a nice treat.  Our second destination was Molokini Crater.  This is a pretty slow time of year so there were only a few boats in snorkeling and by the time we got settled and fired up the grills, we were the only snorkel boat left!  That is definitely one of the things I LOVE about this boat.  We are so much faster then most of the other boats so that by the time we get to Molokini, they are on their way out, giving us the place to ourselves for over an hour!

October 9, 2008

Aboard the Four Winds II

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My name is Katie and I am a crew member on the Four Winds II and the Maui Magic.  I thought it would be fun to share some of the fun things that happen on our boats.  I’ve been here for almost 4 years now, and there is nothing like living in Maui and working on the water for a living!!  I’ll start my journal with our Four Winds II excursion yesterday.  It was a beautiful Monday morning with Captain John and his usual antics.  The weather was perfect for a day on the water and everyone seemed in good spirits for it being 7am!  We boarded the vessel and the passengers went straight for breakfast.  The trip started with a bang as we came up on a family of bottlenose dolphins.  We had them swimming all around and under us for about 10 minutes, giving everyone a chance to take photos.  There was even a little baby bottlenose that couldn’t have been more then 2 ft. long!  After the dolphin discovery we got ourselves situated in Molokini.  It was a perfect day with both  sunny and overcast skies alternating throughout the morning, giving us a break from the heat.  The visibilty was about 100ft and the water conditions were great!  The weather cooperated for the afternoon trip as well, and we got out to Molokini for the second trip of the day.  Our new little Captain Joey (he is 8 years old)  helped Cpt. John out with all of his duties, including helping serve the lunch.  Later he wanted to know how old you have to be to work on the boat.  When I told him 21 he was so disappointed.  He told me he wanted to be the assistant to the Captain and that he wanted to start the next day!  Maybe in another 13 years Joey, but keep practicing!  Overall is was a fantastic day!

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