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October 31, 2015

Must Do Hawaii | Maui Bucket List

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Whether you’re a first time visitor or you visit Maui frequently, there’s probably always going to be something you have not yet tried. You will hear different things from different peoplebut here is a list of things many would pass up or miss simply due to lack of information. Mix it up, step out of your comfort zone and enjoy!

1 – Snorkel Molokini Crater: With only about 6 places like it in the world, Molokini has become a “go to” for most visitors. many people feel you’re missing half of what the islands have to offer if you don’t get in the ocean. This collapsed volcanic cinder cone sits about an hour away from Maalaea harbor and is host to thousands of visitors annually. This is a destination only accessible by boat and visibilty can be up to 120 feet in any direction. It is also a sanctuary for marine life and birds. While snorkeling is primarily done on the inside, the back side is the number one wall dive in the world for SCUBA divers.


2 – Swim With Sea Turtles: There are places you can find turtles from shore; however, it is a good idea to try this first with a group snorkel. Boats like the Maui Magic take fewer passengers than the bigger boats and can take you to multiple places. In addition to snorkeling at Molokini, this one, in particular, also visits a second spot to swim with turtles and even has a high success rate of finding dolphins. While it is illegal to jump in and swim with them, they do come very close to the boats and even interacting with them from the bow is a special experience!


3 – Attend a Luau: There are many luaus to choose from. Your hotel probably offers one. There are differences in what your experience will be but you can expect a wonderful show and delicious food and drink. My personal fave is the Feast at  Lele for a real Polynesian experience. The Old Lahaina Luau is also a popular choice. Both are ocean front and appropriate for couples, families, wedding receptions … you name it!


4 – Swim in a Waterfall Pool: There are so many amazing spots that it’s hard to know where to go first! With no land predators or snakes in Hawaii, it is great fun to explore rainforest areas and just jump in for a swim when the water looks inviting! My personal favorite place is the falls at Oheo Gulch (Kipahulu National Park). For a quick, easy experience, the lower pools are wonderful with only about a 1/2 mile loop hike leading the way. If you feel adventurous, cross the upper road and venture into the 4 mile hike (easy-moderate) and explore the other pools, watch the watefalls and enjoy the peace and quiet. Pack a lunch and plenty of drinking water and have fun!


5 – Hide out in a Bamboo Forest: This naturally goes here as the most amazing bamboo forest you will find on Maui is on the trail listed above. About 3/4 of the way in, you will come to a man made walk way into the bamboo Sometime during your trek, just step off the path slightly until you are surrounded by these giant plants and just look up at the light filtering in or close your eyes and enjoy the rustle of small leaves and the sounds of the forest … absolutely magical!


6 – Learn to Hula: While you won’t become a professional during one visit, taking a Hula lesson should be on your list of must-do activities on Maui! Most resorts offer them at no cost as well as many shopping centers hosting events to attract visitors. This is great fun, wonderful exercise and you’ll be able to show your friends and family back home a few new moves!


7 – Take a Star Gazing Tour: One of  the newer things to try on Maui is stargazing tours at Haleakala Crater. Wile sunrise tours are well known, they have become so popular that many making the trip unguided arrive too late to even make it into the park, much less see the sunrise.

Haleakala is considered among the best places on Planet Earth to observe celestial objects! At the 10,000 foot elevation, the summit reaches above the clouds and is well away from light-polluted areas.

MCC Blog

Whatever your interests, you are always sure to find something unique and fun to do. Leave your cares behind, immerse yourself and let Maui’s magic embrace you!



October 25, 2015

Excellent Experience on the Four Winds II

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“My husband and I went out to the Molokini Crater with Captain Dan and his crew. It was excellent from start to finish. We were greeted upon boarding with beagles and cream cheese, fruit, juice, and coffee. We had an enjoyable ride to the crater. 
We received our gear along the way so we could start snorkeling as soon as we arrived. The crew was so nice and attentive. Capt. Dan let a 6 yr old birthday boy “drive” the boat. 
We were given safety instruction upon arriving, basically stay inside the crater and wave your hand if you need a life guard. The equipment was in very good condition. Boogie boards and life jacket, etc, were available too. Small fee ($5) if you wanted a wet suit but the water was not cold at all. Snuba was also available for a fee.
We were welcomed back on board with a huge buffet lunch. All the food and beer, wine, and soft drinks were included. 
The upper deck was partially covered so you could get out of the sun if you want. There was also an indoor area on the lower deck where the food was served. 
Parking on the jetty cost $0.50 per hour and they recommend you pay for 6 hrs so that’s $3 for parking. 
I would definitely recommend going out on this boat.”

~ Dina J. October 2015



October 14, 2015

What a Great Crew on Maui Magic!

We wanted to go to Molokini to snorkel. We didn’t make it. It was way to windy. But this was just about the best crew ever. The captain was so friendly and Kattie was the best people person I have ever seen. They went out of the way to make sure everyone was happy. Since we couldn’t go to Molokini they took us to Coral Gardens. Tons of fish and very clear water. Great Visibility !!! They BBQ and the best hamburger ever. Also very few people and no one was jumping on top of each other like on the other boats, I would go back again and again in a heart beat !”

~ Lori

Maui Magic Beyond Molokini Snorkel

October 2, 2015

Best Maui Hikes with Kids

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Maui offers some awe-inspiring hikes ranging from easy to extremely strenuous. Finding the right place to take the family is sometimes a challenge but it is completely possible and a wonderful way for kids of all ages to enjoy some of the hidden gems this Hawaiian Island has to offer.

Twin Falls – If you happen to be on the road to Hana, these are the first easily accessible waterfalls and pools on the you will encounter. Especially great for families due to the easy walking paths. While this area is often over looked, it is well worth the stop.  Make sure to check out the snack stand … this area is a fully working farm, though you would never know it, and provides awesome fruits, smooties and other fun goodies.

Four Winds II Hike Blog Twin Falls Maui

Iao Valley – This park provides a paved, short walk offering scenic viewpoint of Kuka‘emoku (Iao Needle) among other points of interest as well as an easy sideLearn about the plants brought by the Hawaiians who settled in Iao Valley by taking a short walk through the botanical garden. Be sure to walk the sidewalk path and enjoy the sounds of the birds signing in the fragrant guava trees next to the Iao stream.

Four Winds II Maui Hike Blog Iao Valley

Nakalele Blow Hole – This magical spot is located on the road from Kapalua heading to Wailuku and requires a fairly easy (moderate to some) hike. While we all live in our “slippahs” (flip flops) here, this is one of the places it is best to wear sneakers.

There are two parking area with the trails leading to the blowhole and for the less adventurous, here is a trailhead where the beacon can be seen without hiking.

Please heed advice and DO NOT get too close to the blowholes; remember, what comes up, will come down, including a spout of water.

Four Winds II Maui Hike Blog Nakaele Blowhole

Hike Maui – While not everyone is comfortable hitting the trails alone, you are in luck! Hike Maui has been providing quality guided hikes with wonderful guides for many years. Should you wish to let someone else do the driving and learn as much as you can about the places you’re visiting, give them a call. You are sure to enjoy!

Four Winds II Maui Hike Blog

Regardless of where you find yourself, please always be aware of unsafe high water or flash-flooding that may be present during periods of heavy extended rainfall. If the water is the color of chocolate milk, it is best to stay out.

Also remember there are no snakes in Hawaii so feel free to jump into a pool or walk through the woods anywhere.

September 21, 2015

A Day of Fun Aboard the Maui Magic!

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We are Emanuele and Diletta from Venice, Italy. We had a trip on Maui Magic the September 7th and it was awesome! I promised the crew to share the video to them once it was finished.

The crew was:

Captain Charlene

Captain Brennan (First Mate)

Smillin’ Bob

Demetrius as Snuba Instructor

August 28, 2015

“Great Fun Snorkeling and Boating in Maui”

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molokini crater snorkel tours, Hawaii, Maui snorkle tours

Four Winds II Molokini Snorkel Tour | Guest Photo by Stephanie J.

“My husband and I went yesterday and had such a great time! The crew members were so knowledgable and very friendly! The ride out and back is just gorgeous and the snorkeling was one of the most magical things ever! There were amazing fish & we even saw an eel! The meals were nicely prepared and the crew was very attentive. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a fun day of boating & snorkeling!”

~ Guest Review and photo from Stefanie J. Big MAHALO for sharing!

August 25, 2015

Must Eats in Hawaii

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As long as I’ve lived on Maui and have been working with visitors for, I am always surprised when people refuse to even sample edibles because  they are unfamiliar (my own brother in law swears he cannot eat mangoes but has never even tried one!) … allow yourself to have a little sense of adventure  and you just may find a new favorite treat.

Luau Fare: You are coming or have come all the way to Hawaii. Now is the time to taste some of the traditional Hawaiian foods offered at luaus. Some of the most common dishes include kalua pork (traditionally a whole pig cooked in an underground oven), chicken long rice (long rice will make you think of fat, clear noodles), squid luau, poi, laulau and lomi lomi salmon (lomi means to knead or rub; salmon is rubbed with seasonings during preparation), an authentic Hawaiian meal is a wonderful introduction to the true tastes of the islands.

maui luaus, luau food, things to eat in hawaii

A most traditional luau feast!

SPAM Musubi: While I had not seen SPAM since I was a child, I quickly found it was everywhere in Hawaii! Having breakfast at McDonald’s (or anywhere, really)? Your options will include SPAM. All convenience stores will have this most unusal combination of rice, fried Spam and dried seaweed. Locals eat it as a snack, keiki (children) have it in their lunch and it is an option in all plate lunch (we’ll get to these) shops.

Family fun in Maui, vacation in Hawaii, Local foods in Maui

Creative Spam Musubi Breakfast

Manapua: (mah nah pu ah) These delightfully soft buns are another staple of local cuisine. Order them filled with char siu (Chinese pork), shredded meats, beans or almost anything else  you might be in the mood for. The big question about this easy to eat delight is steamed or baked? Most locals have a preference and are quick to let you know, if asked!

Maui foods, vaction in Hawaii, local food in Hawaii

Manapua both Steamed and Baked

Loco Moco: This was one I had to try just to say I had … it is delicious and just the right thing after a morning on the water, making it a fave of surfers. Take a scoop of rice, a hamburger steak, fried egg all covered in brown gravy. Don’t worry, you can hit the beach again after a nap!

best food in Hawaii, Loco Moco, hawaiian foods, vacation in Hawaii

Loco Moco … it’s what’s for breakfast!

Shave Ice: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again … we take our shave ice seriously in the islands! If you want to blend in, do not ever refer to it as a snow cone or call it “shaved” ice … it is neither. Imagine the fluffiest ice, finely shaven and topped with traditional syrup flavors like strawberry, banana and cotton candy or more exotic lilikoi, coconut and guava (to name but a few), this frozen delight is a party in your mouth. Add ice cream to make it especially decadent!

best desert in hawaii, must eat hawaiian foods, best of hawaii, fun for kids on maui

Hawaiian Rainbow Shave Ice

Plate Lunch: Also known as a “Bento” (Japanese for boxed lunch). A typical plate lunch consists of white rice, macaroni salad (served with ice cream type scoops, you may be asked if you want “1 scoop rice or 2”) and a protein(generally some kind of fish, fried chicken, teriyaki beef and even some of the luau fare, like kalua pork). Not really the healthiest of foods but very much worth it for a treat on vacation and it won’t break the bank!

hawaiian food, best eats in hawaii, budget dining in hawaii

Hawaiian Plate Lunch

Malasadas: As a melting pot of many cultures, Hawaii is a wonderful place to tempt your taste buds! From those with Portugese come these wonderful “Deep-fried balls of heaven”. Get them filled or not, coated in sugar and eat while hot!

malasadas in Maui, Hawaiian food, best of Maui

Hot Malasadas

Poke: (Po kay) With a wealth of fresh, raw seafood, poke options are abundant and can be found everywhere. Various types of fish and even octopus are marinated in the sauce of your choosing. The most popular variety is ahi (yellowfin tuna) poke and the traditional preparation includes slivered Maui onions, a little seaweed and, of course, Shoyu. Chili pepper water is also added to taste.

Hawaiian fresh fish, poke, hawaiian food, best eats in maui

Fresh Ahi Poke

Saimin: (Sigh min) Wheter it is a slightly chilly winter day, you’ve been in the water all morning or you want a little “something”, there’s something comforting about this local dish. Imagine a piping hot bowl of noodles and broth topped with a variety of items, from fish cakes to simple scallions. This dish came from a variety of Asian noodle dishes, lovingly merging elements of Japanese, Chinese and Filipino cultures to create a wonderfully unique local dish.

best things to do in Hawaii, eats in hawaii, top things to eat

Hawaiian Saimin | Noodle Bowl


August 21, 2015

A Patriotic Moment

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From everyone in the Maui Classic Charters family, we wish sincere congratulations to a wonderful Mate, Mau, who just passed his U.S. Citizenship and couldn’t be happier! Breakfast this morning? Apple pie, of course!

Four Winds II Molokini Snorkel Mau

August 17, 2015

New Hope for Hawaiian Monk Seals?

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 Associated PressFederal fisheries authorities want to more than double the small population of endangered Hawaiian monk seals in the state’s main islands. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration National Marine Fisheries Service on Tuesday released a draft management plan for the endangered species, of which approximately 200 live in the main Hawaiian Islands.


There are approximately 1,100 Hawaiian monk seals total, with most of them living in the uninhabited Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. The species was listed as endangered under the U.S. Endangered Species Act in 1976.

NOAA’s Hawaiian Monk Seal Recovery Coordinator Rachel Sprague said that while the population of monk seals in the main Hawaiian Islands has been increasing, the overall population continues to decline.

“The main Hawaiian Islands have a fairly small portion of the overall monk seal population,” Sprague said in a telephone interview with The Associated Press. “If climate change or sea level rise or infectious disease did get into the population, they could be really catastrophic for such a small population. Rather than thinking about trying to really do a lot of active interventions, we’re more trying to set up a situation for the future to support the monk seal population growing to a level where they could be considered recovered.”

One of the primary goals of the plan is to create a stable or growing population of more than 500 seals in the main Hawaiian Islands by providing enough shoreline and marine habitat to allow the monk seal to breed and forage naturally.

NOAA says the main challenges in implanting a management plan come from human-related impacts. Humans and their pets can potentially spread disease to the seals, seals can become caught or tangled in fishing lines and have even been intentionally killed.

NOAA scientists helped save an endangered Hawaiian monk seal that recently had a fish hook removed from his stomach.

The 12-year-old male seal was found with a fishing line coming out of its mouth in December, 2014. An endoscopy discovered a hook embedded in his stomach.

A team of veterinarians removed the fishing line and hook on New Year’s Eve and the seal was later returned to the wild.

The management plan includes six strategies for helping the population. They include identifying sick or injured seals and reducing the risk of disease, education and outreach programs and better communication with fishermen. The plan also calls for more effective community management and volunteer participation.

Sprague said monk seals fill a similar role to sharks in the larger ecosystem as they are “generalist” top predators that eat a lot of different things, but it’s hard to fully understand what would happen if they were to go extinct.

“It really all is interconnected,” she said. “We really don’t know enough about what’s going to be the one that we pull out that will make the whole thing collapse. Things just get more and more unstable the more species we lose.”

Officials have opened the draft to a 30 day public review and comment period.

August 14, 2015

“Chillaxin on the Four Winds”

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Great trip today! Beautiful blue, clear water and awesome fish, delicious food, and very gracious and helpful staff!!” ~ Genie O.Four Winds II great view

Four Winds II Maui Molokini Snorkel Tour Genie O.



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