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February 2, 2016

“Great Snorkeling with a Bonus of Whale Watching!”

snorkeling in Maui, swimming with sea turtles

Maui Magic Dolphin Discovery Snorkel & Humpback Whale Watch

“Very well run tour. I was really impressed with the staff, they called me by name from the time I checked in until we got off the boat – – I wish I was that good at remembering names!

Due to sea conditions beyond their control, we only got to snorkel at one location but it was beautiful! We also got to see awesome whale activity. In fact the tour would have been worth the money even without the snorkeling based on the whale watching. They dropped an underwater microphone into the water and let us listen to the whales for a few minutes, very cool!

By the way, as an added bonus we had one of the best burgers i had all week, grilled on the boat for us at lunchtime. We found this tour to be an excellent value – – snorkeling, whale watching, and 2 meals (breakfast and lunch) all rolled  into the cost.”

Steve S.

Visited January 2016

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