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Snorkel MolokiniFour WInds II Catamaran and Maui Magic

Snorkel Molokini Crater, Coral Gardens, dolphins, family fun, whalewatching, thrill-seeking adventure... Choose the perfect Maui snorkeling trip today!

Aloha and welcome aboard Maui Classic Charters and get ready for some classic FUN! We are proud to be one of the top snorkel charter companies in the state of Hawaii. You are invited to experience the very best snorkeling tours that Maui has to offer. We provide you with the snorkeling trip of a lifetime to some of Maui’s premier snorkeling destinations like; Molokini Crater and Coral Gardens, as well as, the unique thrill of discovering Hawaii’s dolphins (Spinner Dolphins and the Pacific Bottlenose) in the wild.

Maui Classic Charters is an adventure snorkel charter boat company that operates on the best Island destination in the world... Maui! We are a favorite with the visitors, and also Hawaii residents, and have been taking passengers to the most popular snorkeling destinations for more than 20 years now. We have a fleet of two unique boats, The Four Winds II (a sail-assisted power catamaran) and the Maui Magic (a super-fast power catamaran), and a crew that is second-to-none! These boats visit multiple snorkel destinations and offer a variety of cruises. Our pledge is to provide you with the most fun that you will ever have and and make your visit to Hawaii truly memorable.

Whether it’s our classic morning Molokini snorkel trip, aboard the Four Winds II, our Dolphin Discovery tour with Maui Magic, the popular afternoon Molokini Crater or Coral Gardens snorkel cruise, or our seasonal whale watching trips, you will discover why so many visitors continue to choose Maui Classic Charters year after year. So, be sure to make us part of your Maui vacation plans. Book in advance and secure your seats and you’ll save money too!

Maui Snorkeling Boat

"There are not enough words to describe how fantastic your Molokini snorkel adventure is. Over the years, we have taken this snorkeling trip several times and it just keeps getting better each and every time. Thank you for all of the fun, yummy food and great service you provide. You're the best!

The Ramsey Family


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Our Snorkeling Trip Selection
Four Winds II
Morning Snorkel Trip

For a comfortable, leisurely snorkel tour that’s perfect for the whole family, consider the AM Snorkel Trip aboard our spacious catamaran, the Four Winds II.  The tradewinds on Maui are generally calmer in the morning, meaning that we get to the world famous Molokini Crater about 95% of the time.  Molokini Crater is a marine reserve below water and bird sanctuary above.  It is considered to be one of the finest snorkel spots in all the islands, due to its exceptional water clarity and variety of endemic tropical fishes to be found nowhere else but here in Hawaii.

The morning trip is 5 hours long and includes a complimentary continental breakfast and barbeque lunch along with an open bar of beer, wine, sodas and juice, plus all your snorkel gear and instruction.

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Four Winds II
Afternoon Snorkel Trip

If you want to sleep in later and still get in some awesome snorkeling, you should think about joining our Four Winds II PM Snorkel Trip.  Depending on wind and weather conditions, the boat will go to either Coral Gardens or Molokini.  As the tradewinds do tend to come up in the afternoon, about half of the time we’ll head out to Coral Gardens, which is a beautiful little bay, tucked in out of the wind.  Aptly named, Coral Gardens features some of the most amazingly beautiful large coral heads to be found in all of Hawaii, along with colorful tropical fish and the occasional green sea turtle swimming through the reef.

The 3½ hours long afternoon trip is shorter than our morning tour and includes a complimentary open bar of beer, wine, sodas and juice, plus all your snorkel gear and instruction.  There is an optional barbeque lunch available for purchase.

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Four Winds II
Afternoon Snorkel plus Whale watch Cruise

Between late December and mid-April when the humpback whales come to play and give birth in our warm Maui waters, we call our afternoon trip a combination Snorkel / Whale watch Trip.  Why just take a whale watch when you can hop onto our boat, the Four Winds II and do BOTH?  Our Captains and crew are trained naturalists and will explain all the whale behavior you’ll be seeing.  Whether it is a mother and calf practicing their breaches and rolls, or a group of males doing a heat run vying for the female’s attention, you will be enthralled.  Once we get to our snorkel site at either Coral Gardens or Molokini, you can jump in the water and snorkel amongst all the beautiful coral and tropical fishes.

This afternoon trip is 3½ hours long and includes a complimentary open bar of beer, wine, sodas and juice, plus all your snorkel gear and instruction.  There is an optional barbeque lunch available for purchase.

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Maui Magic
Morning Snorkel and Dolphin Discovery

More adventurous folk will appreciate our newer speed catamaran, Maui Magic, which only takes a maximum of 45 passengers.  It makes for a more intimate trip that covers a lot of territory.  We first head off to the rugged southern coast of Maui where the last volcanic eruption occurred some 200 years ago.  Very few people, including residents, ever get to see this part of the island by sea.  After touring here, we’ll usually zip off to Molokini and enjoy a leisurely snorkel in this world famous marine reserve. Depending on time and weather conditions, the Captain may chose yet another snorkel site to explore.

The morning trip is 5 hours long and includes a complimentary continental breakfast, veggie platter with dip for a mid-morning snack and hot barbeque lunch along with an open bar of beer, wine, sodas and juice, plus all your snorkel gear and instruction.  

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Are you looking for the best snorkeling on Maui? Well, before you come to Hawaii be sure to call Maui Classic Charters for the best value and great deals and discounts you'll find anywhere to Molokini or Coral Gardens. If you want to snorkel, scuba dive, SNUBA, see dolphins, green sea turtles, see coral reefs, view a rainbow of tropical fish, go Humpback whale watching, experience the adventure of a boat trip to South Maui, then Maui Classic Charters has the adventures for you!

Maui Classic Charters has been taking visitors snorkeling around Maui since 1983. They are one of the original charter boat companies to Molokini and one of the pioneers that began taking visitors to Molokini. Today, they continue to set the standards, for quality, value, excellence and outstanding customer service, in the snorkeling charter industry, throughout Hawaii.

Featuring two boats, The Four WInds II and the Maui Magic, Maui Classic Charters is also one of the most diverse snorkel charter boat companies on the island that has both Power Cat and Sailing options. Book your trip in advance and save money before you arrive and discover, what so many lucky visitors to the Hawaiian Islands have enjoyed, and take your own snorkel adventure of a lifetime with crew and vessels of Maui Classic Charters.